Mihel lubricants technology



- macromolecular chemical compounds, which increase the viscosity and reduce temperature of flowing oil. The presence of these compounds influences multi-seasonality of oil and resistance to wear.


- basic function of these compounds is limitation of formation of sediments on surfaces of metal. They protect and clean many elements of engine, such as walls of cylinders, pistons and rings.


- they are aimed at counteracting formation of low-temperature silts in oil and prevent gathering solid contamination.

Oil bases

- motor oil consists of oil bases in 80%. To production of our oils only fully synthetic and high-quality oil bases were used. It means in practice that these oils are characterized by considerably better lubricating properties, have higher viscosity and contain significantly less contamination than mineral oils formed from distillation of petroleum.

Anti-wear modifier of friction

- in our oils we applied pioneering technology, enriching oils with nano-ceramic components. It means that oils MIHEL CERAMIC OIL show considerably better lubricating properties than traditional motor oils. Applied ceramics shows lowest coefficients of friction between metal surfaces in engine and has anti-wear and revitalization properties. It forms solid and very durable ceramic and metal coat, which perfectly remove the heat and reduces resistances in engine.