Pro Motor Flush


  • Benefits:
  • Cleans the engine from the inside.
  • Keeps the engine clean.
  • Extends the life of new oil.
  • Improves the efficiency of the engine.
  • Evens out engine operation.
  • Reduces engine wear.
  • Reduces noise.


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PRO Motor Flush 350ml is a highly advanced formula for cleaning and maintenance of the engine lubrication system. Removes sediments and deposits from oil channels and piston rings. Unclogs hydraulic pushers in valves. Restores the proper functioning of the timing gear system. Prevents contamination of new oil and extends its durability. Keeps the engine clean and prevents excessive wear of its parts. Increases the efficiency of the engine and compensates for compression in cylinders. Especially recommended for changes from standard oils to the highest quality motor oils like Mihel Oli. Recommended for all types of diesel and petrol engines. PRO Motor Flush 350ml is compatible with all petrol and diesel engines. Use every oil exchange. Add the entire package to the engine. Start the engine for 20 minutes. Then, pour off (used) still warm oil. The first cleaning cycle allows cleaning the engine from deposits. The agent has no negative effect on rubber or plastic elements, and seals in the engine.