Ceramic Oil 9600

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Synthetic oil with ceramic nanocomponent technology.

Mihel Ceramic Oil 9600 5W30 is the latest achievement in the field of lubricating agents. Due to the applied unique technology of combining base oils and packages of additives along with ceramic nanocomponents we have managed to obtain oils which are characterized by significantly better physical and chemical properties than traditional motor oils. The Mihel Ceramic oils are technologically ahead of lubricating agents currently used in contemporary motors. This is all due to the unusual properties of ceramics which creates a protective coating on friction surfaces with extremely low friction coefficients and with resistance to extremely high temperatures.

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MIHEL Ceramic Oil 9600 guarantees the maximum performance for your engine ensuring an immediate start-up of the engine in extremely low temperatures. It provides protection for modern exerted designs against wear even under extremely high loads. The low-ash technology prolongs the life span of diesel particulate filters (DPF), keeps the entire engine lubrication system clean and provides protection against corrosion even in the case of high mileages according to the Long Life standard.

This is a fully synthetic full-year oil, type “low SAPS” – “light gear”, intended both for petrol engines and diesel engines equipped with diesel particulate filters (DPF) This oil complies with the requirements of the Euro IV/V combustion gas emission standard, it is particularly recommended for vehicles equipped with catalytic converters and turbocharging. It meets the requirements of increased oil change intervals in modern Long-Life standards.

The technology applied in the oil makes it possible to reduce the costs of operation as well as ensures safety with regard to the highest requirements and restrictions of engine manufacturers. The advanced packages of additives in the MIHEL Ceramic Oil 9600 guarantee engine cleanliness and the most durable oil film. High flash point limits the oxidation and wear of oil in extreme temperatures and under conditions of increased engine operation.

ceramic 9600

Specifications and approvals:

BMW Longlife-04
Porsche C30
MB-Freigabe 229.51
VW 504 00/507 00